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Custom Builders Maclean

We have are local builders, Maclean to Yamba in the North and Grafton in the South. We have been serving the local region since the late 90s, and after 20+ years of local building experience we understand how to help clients no matter if they are new to town or have lived in the region all their life.  Our simple and honest approach has been the key for Andrew Tom Builders since we started all those years ago.   We have a simple moto at Andrew Tom Builders – “Treat every home as if it were your own home.”
This means our team understand now matter if we are building your new home or completing a renovation or looking after your commercial interests, we ensure that every little detail is at a standard we would have in our own homes.  

Our Services

NEW Homes
Unique And Durable Exteriors

Creating a unique and durable exterior starts with a conversation that leads onto brilliant design and drafting. The team at Andrew Tom Builders bring their experience to guide you with the most up to date durable and long lasting products that will bring your vision to life.

New Homes
Stunning Liveable Interiors

Going the extra mile to understand how you live and entertain in your home is the keystone to ensuring we create a spaces that are functional, tranquil and liveable. Our team understand the finishes and products required to showcase your personality through the design of your internal spaces. 

Multi & Commercial Projects

With years of experience Andrew and his team have become known as the trusted builders within the multi development and commercial space. Helping to bring your project in on budget and on time are critical part of the success for any commercial investment.

Life changing Renovations

Whether you live in paradise, love the home you grew up in or simple just need more space the team Andrew Tom Builders understand. Growing families or changes within your life mean sometimes it makes sense to enhance your current property. 

Need Help with your project

With over 20+ years of being the leading builders in Maclean and surrounding area. Building Andrew Tom Builder Has become known as the trusted name in multi developments and commercial property work.  


Our Dedicated Team

Managing Director Andrew Tom
Dave Glanville
Steve Hall
Jay Paine
Rod Marshall

"Treat every home as if it were your own home."

Trusted Builders

HIA Awards Log


Andrew Tom Builders are so very proud to be the recipient of a HIA Judges Commendation for Northern NSW Custom Built Home 600,000 – 1 Million. 

Being a Member of the HIA gives us access to a variety of resources to ensure we comply with the latest regulations in building industry and have access to the latest information and products available. 

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